Catherine Eisenhauer on PR and Social Media

My conversation with Catherine Eisenhauer was extremely informative when it comes to PR and social media. Catherine was kind enough to share information in her field—the very same area that this blog is dedicated to! 

Catherine Eisenhauer heads PR and social media at her firm, &co. pr. A storyteller with an eye for aesthetics and dedication to promoting a brand’s voice, Catherine is well-versed in the ways of social media. I had the privilege of asking her a few questions! See her responses below in blue.

Catherine and her best friend, Ella.

Q1: How do you come up with new ideas for your posts? What’s the brainstorming process like for you?

When I’m in the process of planning content, I always check out what my clients are doing that week/month/year. Anything news-worthy about them will always be prioritized over other content. Once I have those goalposts in place, I start building around them and featuring our clients in other exciting, interesting ways – quirky “holidays” and fun trends are always my go-to’s. I also like to include a few personal posts that are not client-oriented, in order to connect a sense of humanity to our agency. Adding that human element is important, as it fosters real-world relationships and paints a picture of the people behind our brand. Importantly, our brand voice – which we maintain across all communications – is informative, stylized, and fun! We use beautiful, thoughtful language to paint narratives reflective of our amazing clients, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate #NationalMartiniDay when it rolls around once a year!

Q2: How do you use your social media as a tool for customer service? Do you like to be interactive with your viewers/followers? 

One of my favorite things about social media is that it offers the opportunity to blend all of the things I love about PR – crafting beautiful narratives and highlighting exciting angles – with the engaging, visually appealing online world. I love interacting with our followers, as it means they’re connecting with us not only as a brand but on a personal level as well. The magic of social media is its ability to break down communication barriers between a business and its audiences. This means that you also have to treat this relationship with care and thoughtfulness. If social media is used only as a broadcast channel, and not as means to engage personally with your audience, you miss the opportunity to make connections.

Always follow trends! I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow trends in the world of  PR + Social Media Management. If you can predict – and even get ahead of – a new trend, you will be wielding an incredibly powerful tool, as well as bringing priceless expertise to your organization’s table. To that extent, you will find that seeking out trends becomes second nature when doing social media management. 

Q4: How do you quantify the success of your posts? Do you use metrics of any kind?

We utilize Meta (previously Facebook) analytics, as well as other third-party apps like HootSuite and Sprout Social. In PR + Social Media Management, quantifying coverage is one of the best ways to show your clients the value of your work. To that effect, social media analytics can be a powerful quantifier. Using analytics also helps me see which posts worked well, and which posts maybe missed the mark. 

Q5: Do you have a favorite post? Could you link it? Is it your most successful one? 

I don’t have an absolute favorite post, but here are a few that I think showcase our brand voice well:

  • CountryBred Travel: Conscientious not only of our brand voice but also that of our client, this is an example of the way in which choice verbiage can help paint a branded picture of a client in a way that is still approachable and social media-friendly. 
  • Arbikie Distillery’s Nádar Gin: The cocktail of the 2021 Met Gala: A very exciting client to work with, this angle was an easy sell – but also gave me the chance to weave colorful, fun language with a compelling product. 
  • Friday Feels with Lang & Reed: Not every post needs to be information-heavy. Sometimes it’s nice to have a short & sweet caption, especially to kick off your weekend!

Check out & co.’s instagram here. And their lovely website can be found here.

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