Happy soon to be holidays!

It’s November 12th… so it’s basically Christmas. It practically has been since November 1st.

Arguably, no one is more aware of this than Mariah Carey and her marketing team. Since the release of her 1994 album “Merry Christmas”, the artist has maintained a presence throughout the holiday season unlike any other. The second Halloween is over she shoots up into stardom time and time again.

One single in particular, Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”, heard in the Tiktok above, has become something of an indelible holiday classic since its release 27 years ago. For a song to remain so relevant every holiday season, one cannot deny the brilliance of the marketing campaign behind it. Christmas music has its classics and this one manages to top the charts each December. 

What is special about this, is Carey’s own participation in what has really come to be her season. Carey is idolized on social media for her timeless appearance and charming willingness to perpetuate the spirit of the song. It sweeps every platform it is on and has become a national staple every year without fail.  

Carey taking to her personal Tiktok page to promote the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season shows she recognizes her OWN recognition in this hugely celebrated holiday. 

With a song so synonymous to Christmastime, the uplifting and effortlessly catchy lyrics of “All I Want For Christmas is You” has the tune finding itself played everywhere. Whether it’s department stores, light shows or Tiktok, the song happily plagues human existence until the Christmas season comes to an end. 

The timelessness of the song (and Mariah Carey herself) has made both into internet phenomenons. Christmastime is widely recognized as the season in which Mariah Carey fully reaches her full potential, “…as the Christmas creep encroaches ever closer on the calendar, Mariah’s power only grows stronger”(Vulture). 

It is even regarded as an internet meme. Her reemergence into society comes at Christmastime, and the holiday season is simply not the same without it.

Mariah Carey is an exceptional artist and it is so fun to see her embrace all of the praise and love she receives during the holiday season. She has come to roll with everything on the internet and embrace her position as the queen of Christmas. It is a fun internet ritual and continuous to be amazing to watch Carey soar back to the top each year. 

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  1. This is so interesting to see how Mariah Carey is capitalizing on a trend/internet meme. Definitely agree that once you start hearing her song, you know the start of Christmas season has begun. I’ll be curious to see how she continues to solidify this trend herself without letting it become overdone.


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