Elevate your social media with infographics!

One of the most effective things you can do to educate your audience online is to use infographics.

Infographics are exactly what they sound like. Graphics displaying info in a manner that is easily digestible and retainable. They are officially defined as visual representations of information and data. 

Here is a great example.

This infographic taken from the World Wildlife fund showcases how illegal fish can end up on your dinner plate. It is a very complex issue made simple thanks to the visual representation provided by the organization. The data is expressed in a flowchart and allows readers to see the journey of legal versus illegal fishing. There are multiple graphics accompanied by short captions of description to provide clarity. The first thing that grabs the reader’s eye is the figure in the top right: the proclamation that up to $23 billion is lost every year to illegal fishing. 

The bright colors used make it easy to follow and interpret. The simple graphics are useful in allowing the reader to follow along. 

It would however be more effective if it was displayed on social media. 

The World Wildlife fund is a non profit organization that relies primarily on donations.  They have been operating for 60 years and have become a well known nonprofit. They seek to protect animals and their habitats. A conservation dedicated to protecting and restoring species. 

Their instagram does a great job of displaying the animals they are working with and the care they provide but they don’t do a great job at communicating information. They post advertisements for their podcast and pictures of animals. When visiting their page, none of the posts pertaining to their social issues displayed information on them. When posting a picture of an animal, information is given in the caption but not 100% of readers are inclined to dedicate the time to educating themselves. Infographics can help! They are a fantastic resource. They can be tailored to the needs of the organization and if you’re WWF, you already know how to make them. 

WWF has so many great infographics but none are shown on social media. I had to dig on their company website. It would be made so much more effective had they been accessible their social media platforms.  

Information made a bit more simple, content for your social media, more exposure to those who could be potential supporters but were not motivated enough to do the research required. Use infographics! It will help to get your company’s values across and serve as a creative piece for viewers to be drawn to. 

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