Forced ‘remorse’ shown by super corporation

Mcdonalds CEO, Chris Kempczinski has recently made some comments regarding two children who were fatally shot, one in a drive-thru window at Mcdonalds. The comments made by Kempczinski have come to light in a text exchange between him and the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot. 

Text between Lightfoot and the McDonalds CEO, Chris Kempczinski, after Lightfoot visited the McDonalds HQ earlier this year. Kempczinski blamed Adam Toledo’s parents for his death.

(ht to@Mikepkes for getting these records from FOIA)

(HT to @Mikepkes)

Originally tweeted by Matt Chapman (@foiachap) on October 26, 2021.

Mcdonalds is a massive franchise. It has 39,198 restaurants operating around the world according to statista. They are known for their fast service and low-costing products. They are certainly a household name and continue to grow on a yearly basis. 

The comments made by Kempczinski were revealed in a text thread between him and Lightfoot. The texts follow one day after seven-year-old Jaslyn Adams was fatally shot. They depict his sentiments of essentially blaming the parents in regards to Jaslyn Adams and 13-year-old Adam Toledo’s death. 

What followed were protestors gathered outside of Mcdonald’s headquarters in Illinois as reported by The Guardian. People criticised Mcdonald’s actions and Kempczinski’s ignorant comments. They were woefully disrespectful, not coming from a place of understanding whatsoever. 

Mcdonalds did not apologize, at least not yet. The mother of Adams is demanding an apology as written by the Chicago Sun Times. Lanesha Walker said, “Mr. CEO, you don’t know me. You know nothing about us. You’re on the outside looking in, from your high pedestal, judging us. You don’t know anyone’s real situation”. The CEO made a statement to the employees claiming he was just thinking as a parent and he was wrong to not think from their viewpoint as reported on by Black Enterprise

This was a tragedy and for Kempczinski to proclaim these things in a text message is harrowing. Mcdonald’s as a company, has also neglected to say a single thing on any of their social media or make a statement. All that conspired was Kempczinski addressing corporate employees and apologizing for his comments. Mcdonald’s most likely will continue to stay silent. They are showing no remorse for the individuals affected by this. Nothing on social media, no press releases, zilch. 

It’s so upsetting, and eye-opening to see they don’t have integrity, or any ethical values for that matter. They’re not doing anything, they were in the wrong, they continue to be unapologetic and they will still see profit. Mcdonald’s has seldom done things right but the sad truth is they are so massive, they can barrel on in response to everything. 

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