How Lego is successfully communicating it’s CSR online

Lego is a brand that is extremely responsible when it comes to interacting with their audience. And what was previously unbeknownst to me, they are extremely charitable and constantly positively interacting with the community. 

They use a variety of media outlets to communicate their plans and actions. It was easy to navigate their instagram and find commendable measures taken by the brand. 

The first that stood out to me was their post addressing the covid relief they provided. While the other posts on the social media site tend to follow a clean look while featuring something like a lego set, or people interacting with legos, this one featured a letterhead and text. The Lego foundation cited the COVID-19 pandemic as a child rights crisis. The community was going through changes that affected children’s learning, how families generate income and the general state of the world around us. Lego announced their contribution of $150 million in covid relief to communities in need around the world. It is a remarkable and responsible contribution by the corporation, and one that most certainly sheds a positive light on their efforts to be socially conscious. 

Another example on their instagram I found encouraged parents to teach their kids how to safely navigate the internet. I think this is particularly paramount seeing as companies like Facebook have been newly exposed in their efforts of targeting children in their advertising, as reported on by NPR following the events of the testimony by former employee Frances Haugen. Lego’s emphasis on the importance of digital safety, especially in light of this, only further stands to display their commitment to their consumers and audience members. 

Their approach towards environmental sustainability, as found via their website, stood out to me as well. As another media outlet the company utilizes, Lego’s website is easily accessible and digestible: conveying information in a concise, clear manner. Their recent pledge to completely rid themselves of unsustainable packaging and materials by 2030 is just one instance of environmental sustainability they have dedicated themselves to tackling. They dedicated their ambitions to the children who wrote in to the company’s headquarters pleading for sustainable packaging for the good of the planet. They conducted trial runs and focus groups to select the best option for the brand. It is refreshing to see a company listen to their audience and implement the changes that they promise. They seem to be genuine responses that benefit not only the brand, but the community and the world. 


  1. Grace Gabler says:

    Hi Sofia! I loved reading your post about Legos. I have never played with Legos as a kid, so hearing about what they have done for the community, especially regarding COVID relief. I think it is amazing that Legos is improving their environmental sustainability. Great post.


  2. Hi Sofia! I really enjoyed your article and It was very interesting learning all the ways LEGO is effectively communicating their cooperate social responsibility. I was particularly interested in their sustainability initiatives and was curious what they were, especially considering LEGO’s are made out of plastic. I was very pleased to read all about their recent pledge to use sustainable packaging and materials by 2030. Great blog post!


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