Happy no bones day

Today, October 22, 2021 marks a no bones day. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. But it certainly is not a bones day. 

Tik tok user Jonathan Graziano (@jongraz) has become the defacto source for whether or not it is a great day or a not-so-great one. He documents the actions of his pug, Noodle every morning. Millions of people tune in to witness the forecast of the type of day it will be. Bones is the optimal one but there is always the possibility of no bones — hence, today. 

A bones day is a great day! A good day! A day to get out and seize. No bones days are more laid back, not as worthy of celebration but rather something to get through. All of this is determined by whether or not Noodle the pug rises from his bed or plops down. All is broadcasted in Graziano’s tik tok as reported on by The New York Times

This morning it was declared a no bones day. The internet collectively watched as Noodle gingerly collapsed back into his bed. You can see the tik tok here

(Instagram: @showmenoodz)

This has quickly snowballed into a cultural phenomenon. Noodle and Graziano have been reported on by multiple news outlets, interviewed on tv segments such as USA today and are constantly being referenced on pretty much all social media platforms. 

It has turned into a way to predict the day. It gives a new meaning to people’s days and for some it prophesizes whether or not they will be productive. It is fascinating to see how just one dog could theorize the future for his millions of followers on tik tok. 

His reach has expanded to other platforms! It’s a way to categorize and speak now. Today the University of Georgia tweeted that “It’s always a bones day when your team is No. 1 in the nation”. That would make absolutely no sense four months ago. The language of the internet is such a powerful tool that we can communicate like this: 

(Twitter: @juliareinstein

Brands aren’t shy when it comes to commenting on Noodle’s tik toks either. 

Ultimately this is a fun and easy way to come together online. I hope it doesn’t get commercialized or profited off of too soon..for now I see it as a neat way to gather those online who speak the same niche internet language. 

We DID just have a bones day yesterday. And here’s to one tomorrow! 

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  1. I loved reading this post! Honestly, when I started seeing “bones day” I had no idea what it meant. Its interesting to me how it has developed into a cultural phenomenon by a Tik Tok user, however everything on Tik Tok nowadays seems to turn out like that. Loved reading your blog!


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