3 reasons why PETA is so effective in communicating their message online

The people for the ethical treatment of animals are outspoken when it comes to their online presence. 

  1. They are active on all of the big social media platforms.

I.e.  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and consistently post on each of them. It is critical to establish a trustworthy relationship with the people you interact with online. It is of the greatest importance to create a correspondence in which the public sees you as reliable. 

I take my fair share of media hiatus but I am also not a wonderfully successful non-profit organization. PETA has done a wonderful job of consistently keeping up their online persona. They create content on their twitter, on their instagram and for the most part it is tailored to each platform. There is some overlap but they do a great job of using the features that are specific to each platform to highlight the ways their organization is making change. 

  1. Their message is clear and center. 

Right on the homepage of their website, a clear message, “End Speciesism”. They even define it, it is the top line of text featured on their website accompanied with a visual. Their main focus this year is to bright light to and end speciesism. It is defined as the prejudice or discrimination based on species. All animals are beings and no matter the relationship they have to you, whether that be dog, cat, hamster, rooster, they are all deserving of the same respect. They are feeling and worthy of life no matter the animal. They believe we should not treat them differently based on their species. 

(PETA homepage: https://www.peta.org)

For me, this was maybe the easiest values statement I have ever found. It is clear to me that it is what PETA wants me to think about, wants me to support. It is big and noticeable and contains buckets of information. It is the main focus of their website and the primary concern of their cause. There is no benefit in not having your message accessible to your reader. That would easily frustrate any sane person. PETA, a well-known non-profit organization has made their piece of information immediate. 

  1. They create new, relatable and easily sharable content 

PETA members put together a wide variety of posts on each platform they inhabit. Each post relates to their values as an organization. 

Here is a vegan halloween treat recipe. For their encouragement to give up meat and dairy products. They post links to in-depth stories with diligent research as to why you should listen to them. Here is a pleading message for why SeaQuest needs to be shut down. There are countless other examples. Those two were taken from the last 12 hours. 

They even frequently showcase celebrity ambassadors. Here is a recent one:

They are constantly creating new gripping content that actually revolves around their core values. They never lose sight of what they are fighting for and do their part in getting their message out there. 

PETA has grown to become a household name. It is abundantly clear how passionate they are for the treatment of animals. This is what it takes to create a great media presence and PETA is setting a high standard for the non-profit sector. 

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