Sofia Gluck

Hi! I’m a Public Relations student conducting a look into social media’s presence in the PR world.

Hi there! 

My name is Sofia Gluck and I am a senior studying Public Relations at the University of Oregon. I started this blog to depict my findings when it comes to corporations interacting with their publics and how brands use of social media to cater to consumers affects their image online. 

I am no stranger to social media, and it is becoming increasingly aware to me how prominent it will be in my future Public Relations career. I use popular social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram and Tik tok and I often see the blue check marked companies commenting on the same posts that I have access to. At first it was a bit off-putting and now it’s growing to become a standard for some companies. I will be composing my findings, thoughts and opinions on the recent and more casual convergence of social media and companies.

Social media is a powerful tool and the way it is used by companies is evolving. I want to examine the logistics and critically give thought as to why it is changing. Brands aren’t just commercial now they’re becoming interactive. Is it a good thing? Do other people think it’s a good thing? Do I? I’m going to highlight examples and interactions because it’s gone well past companies conducting customer service. 

I have quite a lot of writing experience and very strong opinions. I currently work for my school’s paper as a copy editor. I cooperate with my peers to craft a reliable news source for not just those on campus, but the local area. I edit grammatical errors and often make suggestions to better the quality of work. I can also commit to a deadline and blog posts here will be published bi-weekly. 

My idea of fun sprouted in primary school, and it has always been storytelling. My love of writing grew in tandem with my love of reading. Every night my mom used to read snippets of novels to my sister and I before bed. “Little Women” was always my favorite. I’ve been captivated by storytelling ever since! I love to write. I am so excited to have found a medium to communicate my thoughts. Maybe even potentially connect with some of you and field your opinions on the varying topics at hand! Thank you for reading!

P.S. Here is where you can find the code of ethics for this blog! https://sofiagluck.com/2021/10/08/code-of-ethics/

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